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Welcome To Pho

Cuisines are mirrors reflecting the culture and the history of each country. Italians are proud of their pizza; the Chinese are famous for their dumplings, Japanese love sushi... As for Vietnamese, we are well-known for our special Pho!

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It can be seen that Vietnamese cuisine is diverse and rich with many rustic but wonderful dishes and Pho is a traditional dish of our country. From everywhere, from the countryside to the cities, there is the appearance of Pho with many different flavors and colors. All make up the typical Pho flavors of each region.


Enjoying a hot bowl of Pho with a variety of herbs, coriander will help you feel many flavors in it. It is the quintessence, care and secrets to make a fragrant bowl of pho. No one knows exactly when pho originated and where it came from because pho's presence is everywhere. But some people think that pho first appeared in Nam Dinh and Hanoi capital is the place that made the famous reputation of the bowl of pho.


Not only Vietnamese people like pho, but today it has become a "favorite" dish of many foreigners. They feel the strange taste in every drop of broth, the unique flavor of Vietnam is unmistakable. Just once enjoying the taste of pho, you will never forget it and will "see you again" tomorrow.


All the flavors in the bowl of pho blend together, taste a small spoon and you will feel the essence of each flavor. The fresh taste of beef or chicken, the chewy taste of pho noodles, the aroma of vegetables, the spicy taste of chili and a little sourness of lemon. Slurp and slurp, it's wonderful, isn't it?


At Pho Day, we proudly deliver the unique and classic Pho to everybody and the world!


Welcome to our house of Pho!


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PhoDay Specialty

Pho noodles with beef broth served with thinly sliced rare steak, flank steak, brisket, soft tendon, and beef meatballs.

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Vietnamese Sandwiches

Served on a fresh baguette with our homemade mayo, picked carrots and daikon radish, crisp cilantro, jalapeno & sliced cucumber.

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Cafe Viet

Over hundreds of years, this world-class drink has become popular with the Vietnamese. the Vietnamese have created a unique way of drinking coffee, when used with ice.

XIN CHÀO - HELLO -HOLA  AMIGOS - KAMUSTA- 안녕하십니까 - 你好 - नमस्ते !

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